Photo: Tim Dennell
Geoff Schmidt
I make things out of ideas.
Mostly things to free or inspire people.
geoff at geoffschmidt dot com
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Proprietor, 2010

Founder, 2007

Principal, 2005

Original developer, 2004

Winner, 1998

Founder, 1999
Real estate development
$2.5MM, 15,000 ft2 live/work arts complex in downtown San Francisco. A halfway house for the tragically gifted. A place to stay up late with loved ones and redesign the world in brighter colors
Social media startup
Listen to music with your friends, synchronized in realtime over a P2P mesh network. It's a way to stay emotionally connected without getting too distracted from your work
Political fundraising platform
Auburn Quad's software has raised almost $200 million for Democrats
Open source project
The mission: build a video platform that couldn't be controlled by corporate interests. The result: Miro, a gorgeous cross-platform video player that's used by 2MM monthly active users today
High school algorithms research
My research on efficient analytic methods for 3D rendering won the overall prize at international science fair
Venture-backed startup
We coined the phrase "audio fingerprinting" and managed to close a venture round, even though I could not legally drink